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My name is Mike Thompson owner of BluebookAdvertising.com. On this site I am doing some advertising for Candace.  Candace is a great person to do business with when it comes to buying a car especially if you reside in Riverside, California or surrounding cities like Corona or Norco. People just love her professionalism and non-pushy like approach.

Candace represents an award winning family owned car dealership located in Riverside, California that has been in business for over 70 years.

You will be doing business directly with Candace and she will gladly answer the questions you have.

I thought you would be interested in hearing what others are saying about Candace.

Jack .  We were shown around with respect.  When we were ready to purchase. No haggling. No crazy sales tactics. No “let me get my manager”. No four square, payment pushing, paperwork filling time consuming events.  Just here’s the numbers and here’s the breakdown.  Candace…no hard sales, polite, sincere, and she cares.

We get to finance. No hard push there either.  No gap insurance, Diamond coated paint protection, LoJack slinging tactics here either. We sign, we drive home, and we go to dinner where the finance guy said to go!  Gary…he’s a cool cat. Knows his job, knows his audience.

Stephan. Great experience! I love my Cruze! Candace was a real professional. She looked out for my interests and was very helpful. The GSM Andrea took the time to get to know me and make sure I was being helped. You just don’t see that kind of personal service anymore. Thank you!